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Social Responsibility Summary

Social responsibility is the obligation of organization management to make decision and take actions that will enhance the welfare and interests of society as well as the organization. Social responsibility is quite important to the society, organization and human.

There are several reasons to support the importance of social responsibilities. It is related to the ethical responsibility, and differentiates into difference level of social responsibilities, which is economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary responsibilities. There are six main areas of social responsibility, the employees, providers of finance, consumers, community and environment, government, and other organizations or groups.

It is known that there are many arguments for and against corporate social responsibility. These arguments have been encapsulated into two points of view. Those who believe that organizations should not be concerned about social responsibility base many of rolex replica their arguments on the costs involved and whether organizations should shoulder those costs on behalf of society. Those who are in favor of corporate social responsibility feel that organizations benefit from society and, therefore, have an obligation to improve it. Although there is no universal agreement, surveys and other reports indicate that many organizations are, in fact, becoming increasingly active in addressing social concerns.

The advantages and important of social responsibilities are being discussed here. This action would be taken by some organization base on their view. To have social responsibilities, the suppliers, business associates, and customers would be more confidence on the organization. So, the products and services of breitling replica the organizations increase and lead to maximize profit.

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