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Social Responsibility Conclusion

The first responsibility to society is to operate at a profit, and only slightly less important is the necessity for growth. The business is the wealth-creating and wealth-producing organ of the society. Management must maintain its wealth-producing resource intact by making adequate profits to offset the risk of economic activity. And it must beside increase the wealth-producing capacity of these resources and with them the wealth of society.

Ethics play an importance role in social responsibility. The business organizations must have ethical responsibility as they are doing business, including production, management, and services and so on. Without ethics, it would be danger to the human. Ethics is simply the rules that say what is right and wrong, as defined by a particular reference group or individual.

The social responsibility is very importance to both society and business organizations. Although there are some arguments for and against social responsibility, even more of the organizations would take action on social responsibility. Many of the advantages being social responsibility was created, some of that was already discuss on previous pages. Believed that, the best interest of business organizations is social responsibilities, that would be benefit in the long run of company, can be earn more profit, and benefit to the human and the environment.

Social Responsibility Feedback
"I find your article on corporate social responsibility (CSR) truly enlightening and refreshing. I do believe that conventional methods of working with NGOs/CBOs are a thing of the past, where smart tri-sector partnerships between businesses, Government and NGOs/CBOs are far effective in its purpose.

Exploring, building, maintaining and evaluating CSR partnerships are key elements to a successful relationship, although the reality in Malaysia is not so pretty. I do believe we have a long way to go, in areas of achievement and sustainability."
- Muhammad Zashnain Zainal

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