What is the social responsibility of a business?

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What is the social responsibility of a business?

Companies that succeed in building high levels of intra firm trust are more successful in retaining their employees. These loses are attributed to financial loses of a company. Further, the external stakeholders, customers and others being treated fairly and equally thus satisfying make employees feel pride in their organization.

Companies involving in the social businesses capture people attention by performing various social activities though these activities do not create profits. For example, maintaining and developing gardens and parks on streets and squares in cities. Thus, Social responsibility implies that a company should not do anything harmful to the society in course of his business activities.

The social responsibility of a business should work towards the welfare of the society; earn goodwill and reputation for the business. The public image of its activities brings in people goodwill to buy products of a company that engages itself in various social welfare programmes. It also appeals for honest and knowledgeable employees to work with such employers. Abiding by the government regulations on delivering a pollution free environment will collectively enhance the people trust on business. The utilization of power, support, water, land and roads should be maintained for survival and growth of every business. The society is much essential in this part. It makes the business responsible to cater some benefits for the welfare of the society.

Employee satisfaction proves beneficial on the business. Taking care of their work in a healthy atmosphere, facilities like proper accommodation, transportation, education and training are directly proportional to productivity on a long-term prospective of the organization. Consumers also have right to enquire the inferior and harmful products by recognizing their rights to act in defense. It is requisite for the business to protect the awareness of the consumers by providing quality products at the most competitive price.

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